Student’s Speak


"I have received an opportunity to meet different kinds of people and learn a number of things.I am thankful to the Training & Placement cell for providing a platform to enhance my skills and an opportunity to showcase them."



Radheshyam Thakur

"I loved the infrastructure of CMR University and its management. As a club coordinator I learnt how to manage team and the events helped me to grow my confidence level. I would like to specially thank the placement cell for guiding me and providing me a good platform (company) for my career."



Ayush S Uthappa

“strive not to be a success, rather be of value”. The immense exposure at this university added a lot to my confidence and presentation skills. I was encouraged by my professors to be creative and put them to work. Besides business education, the college also accorded a lot of emphasis on soft skills which are one of the most essential skill sets needed in today’s corporate world. I express my utmost gratitude to the university and placement department for providing me with an opportunity at Byju’s.”



Vishal CB

“I can positively say that CMR University has been the best part of my life. The most I admire is the support that I received from CMRU, especially from the Department of CSE. I'm also grateful to the Training and Placement Department for giving us so many opportunities and guidance. CMRU has changed the way I perceive life both on a professional as well as personal levels. "Thank you CMRU”

B.Tech - CSE



“I would like to thank CMR University for giving me such a great opportunity to take up the DUNZO placement process and for helping me to start my career journey with Dunzo. ”

B.Tech - CSE