Internship at Corporates

Internships are an integral part of the education at ÇMR University. These expand students’ worldview whilst providing an opportunity to improve and test their skills to meaningfully contribute to their workplaces. This inculcates an environment that helps students become well-rounded professionals with critical thinking  about issues from multiple perspectives. 

The concept of Internships in Corporates is one of the unique features of the curriculum at CMR University. It provides students opportunities to spend quality time in the industry for 2 – 4 months in their pre-final year and final year of their course/programme to gain valuable ground exposure by being part of teams handling live and challenging projects. It enables them to work in areas of mutual interest, improve self-confidence, and develop core competence.

Further, the students are encouraged to pursue summer internships during the summer or winter breaks of second year and third year of their study. In addition to this, industries offer in-semester projects to students. These projects during the programme help the students stay abreast with the latest developments and tools used in the industrial field. 

Final semester internship opportunities provide students a platform to work in a competitive environment and deal with real-time problems. This experience enables students develop their competence in problem-solving skills and demonstrate the knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities.  They get to adapt to the industry environment better and faster. It also ensures that they are productive from day one of their professional working career. This concept is encouraged and appreciated by most industries as it is a win-win situation for the industry and University.


Industries of repute have been recruiting students from CMR University for internships in increasing numbers over the years. Most of the students translate their convertible-internship opportunities into a full-time employment offer. 

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